4GB Memory RAM for HP Zbook 15U G3 GEHDZDUTL

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Memory Size/Capacity: 4096MB/4GBChip Type: DDR3Module Type: SODIMM SO-DIMMDeveloped and manufactured Mtxtec RAM for laptops in cooperation with the German memory specialists Compustocx.

Memory expansion, 4GB (4096MB) (Maximum 16GB, 2slots), suitable for HEWLETT PACKARD ZBook branded G3
With this memory RAM Expansion (Laptop Memory), you can increase the main storage of your laptop/notebook. This memory module is tiles can automatically recognized by your notebook. If more than 1slots imperfections should be expected, it is recommended for notebooks with DDR RAM Included technology (as well as DDR2and DDR3) the storage benches at the same time to vouchers, to take advantage of the dual channel technology to use. A dual channel is classified ability to current storage controller which means two memory modules of the same size for operation, which means that a higher data transfer rate is achieved. This means in practice offered by this technology approx 10~ 20% better overall performance.

4GB Memory RAM for HP Zbook 15U G3 GEHDZDUTL

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