BCX Portable HD Binoculars 8X21 10X21 KMZXWGXSG

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Design - Multilayer Coating Optical Upgrade Green AR,. Versatile optics ensure excellent light transmission and brightness.Low-light night vision - Built-in low-light night vision design, clear night vision with reflected light.Waterproof and anti-counterfeiting design - you can use it in rainy and humid environmentsThanks to its durable construction, the compact and lightweight telescope is easy to use. All-optical glass components with high transmittance coatings,Enhances the brightness and sharpness of the image.

Weight: 195g

Magnification Type: Fixed Magnification

Highest multiple: 5 times (inclusive) -10 times (inclusive)

Style: Binocular


BCX Portable HD Binoculars 8X21 10X21 KMZXWGXSG

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